What can I tell you about me?

Argentine Artist born and studied in Rosario. He currently resides in Buenos Aires. Actively participates in Exhibitions and Contests in Argentina and abroad. He has obtained different prizes, distinctions and made numerous individual exhibitions.

Cultural Centers and Organizations

  • • Convention Hall, President’s Residence at Olivos (Province of Buenos Aires)
  • • Blue Hall, National Senate, Buenos Aires
  • • “Palais de Glace” (Exhibition Center), Buenos Aires
  • • “Recoleta” (Culture Center), Buenos Aires
  • • “Manzana de las Luces” (Culture Center), Buenos Aires
  • • Legislative Council of Buenos Aires City
  • • Arts Hall of “A.T.C.” (Official TV Channel), Buenos Aires
  • •Culture Houses of San Isidro and Vicente Lopez (Province of Buenos Aires)
  • •Argentine National Bank, Rosario (Province of Santa Fe)
  • •Buenos Aires City Bank
  • •Arts Hall of “Cablevision” (Private TV Channel), Buenos Aires
  • •“Bernardino Rivadavia” Culture Center, Rosario (Province of Santa Fe)
  • •House of the Province of Chubut at Buenos Aires
  • •Argentine Actors Association, Buenos Aires
  • •hsr|ny Studios, NYC
  • •Instituto Cultural Argentino Norteamericano, Bs As, Argentina


  • •Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires
  • •“Enrique Larreta” Spanish Art Museum, Buenos Aires
  • •“Romulo Raggio” Foundation, Vicente Lopez (Province of Buenos Aires)
  • •“Juan B. Castagnino” Museum, Rosario (Province of Santa Fe)
  • •“Fernan Felix de Amador” Museum, Luján (Provine of Buenos Aires)
  • •Primitive and Modern Art Museum, Esquel (Province of Chubut)
  • •Visual Art Museum, Quilmes (Province of Buenos Aires)
  • •Fine Arts Museum, Avellaneda (Province of Buenos Aires)
  • •Children’s Museum, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A.
  • •National Fine Arts Museum, Havana, Cuba


  • •FORMA
  • •CE.AR.CO
  • •Nucleo de Arte
  • •R&H
  • •Hoy en el Arte
  • •Tokio
  • •Amicitia
  • •Fond-Art
  • •Fra Angelico
  • •Daniel Oddone
  • •GINA Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • •URI Art Gallery, San Juan Puerto Rico
  • •Casa Plata, Zapopan, Gudarajara, Mexico
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